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Faulkner & me, an editorial consultancy, stands at the intersection of content and value.  Quality users and readers demand quality content.

"It is (the writer's) privilege to help man endure by lifting his heart," noted our mentor, William Faulkner, accepting his Nobel Prize for Literature in 1949.

By Lifting your readers and listeners, our work encourages them to linger on your site, ponder your speeches long after they are delivered and contemplate your press releases.  Satisfied readers not only take action, they return, creating additional value for your brand.

Your written image is the vital component.  We create content; we deliver it; we merge it.  We have the experience to understand your mission, strategy and goals.  We translate them into clear, concise copy; delivered on time, within budget.

Faulkner's characters speak to their ability to transcend their settings and endure their sufferings.  They emerge pained, yet ennobled.

"I decline to accept the end of man," he noted at the conclusion of his acceptance speech.  ". . .I believe that man will not merely endure; he will prevail."

Your content and speeches should assume the same gutsy, affirming and optimistic mantle.

Each writer and editor at Faulkner & me understands and accepts the charge delivered that day in Stockholm.  It will not be sacrificed at the altar of daily challenges and competing priorities.

When menacing deadlines loom, we deliver quality and value for you, your organization, your readers and your listeners.




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